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Walhalla Goldfields Railway

Walhalla 3825
Walhalla Goldfields Railway Victoria
Walhalla Goldfields Railway Victoria
Walhalla Goldfields Railway Victoria
Walhalla Goldfields Railway Victoria
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All aboard the WGR!
A ride on the Walhalla Goldfields Railway is an unforgettable experience. As the train departs from Walhalla station, you leave behind the station yard girded on one side by a cliff underpinning the Bruntons Bridge road & on the other side by Stringers Creek. The engine shed marks the start of the steep descent down the narrow gorge.

The first kilometre of track is almost entirely built over six large trestle bridges that criss-cross the gorge in an effort to find an anchorage for each bridge abutment. As you travel down the gorge you’ll notice that much of the line is constructed on a narrow ledge made of picturesque dry stone walls. All the cuttings and stone walling were made by hand 100 years ago.

The journey offers wonderful views of Stringers Creek as it meanders down to the Thomson River. As you pass vertical cliff faces and travel through narrow cuttings you will come to appreciate the effort needed to carve this railway through such rugged and challenging country. Keep an eye out for the remnants of the gold era. You’ll notice exotic trees that have taken root, the remains of a sluice dam and the foundations of tiny cottages.

After 20 minutes or so the train emerges from the gorge into the Thomson Valley to cross the historic and spectacular Thomson River bridge. Just past the bridge we pull into our destination of Thomson station completing a very special journey back in time. At Thomson, the train is shunted before returning to Walhalla.

Events at Walhalla Goldfields Railway

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