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Vintage Talking Tram Tour - Bendigo Tramways

Bendigo 3550
Bendigo Tramways Vintage Tram Tour
Bendigo Tramways Vintage Tram Tour
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Features: Fountain Gold mine Pall Mall Sacred Heart Cathedral Vintage Talking Tram
As soon as you step aboard a Vintage Talking Tram and see the craftsmanship that has gone into restoring each vehicle, you will appreciate why Bendigo's trams are such an integral part of the city's identity.

Sit back, relax and let your tram do all of the talking...

As soon as you step aboard one of our iconic Vintage Talking Trams you become immersed in the artistry of the vehicle. The carefully crafted seats, stain glassed features and intricate details are all indicative of the skilled craftsman who have meticulously built and restored each tram by hand.

You will be delighted by the remarkable sights and sounds of Bendigo as your tram tells you entertaining stories about the city founded on one of the world’s richest goldfields while passing monuments like the impressive Alexandra Fountain, the majestic Sacred Heart Cathedral and the stately promenade Pall Mall.

This hop-on, hop-off tour stops throughout the city allowing you to explore many of the parks, attractions, shopping and dining facilities that Bendigo has to offer.

The tour commences at Central Deborah Gold Mine but you can join or depart the Vintage Talking Tram Tour at any one of the designated tram stops.

Your Vintage Talking Tram Tour Ticket is valid for two consecutive days, so you can hop-on and hop-off the tram as often as you like within those two days.

Your Vintage Talking Tram ticket includes the Anzac Centenary Tram:
Through stories of bravery, resilience and courage in the face of adversity, the Anzac Centenary Tram explores the impact of WW1 on the local Bendigo community. The Anzac Centenary Tram departs at 10:00am daily from Central Deborah Gold Mine. Click here to find out more.

Come and meet Birney the Cat:
The tramways is home to a beautiful rescue cat who now calls our Depot home. Birney has enthusiastically taken on the role of Tramways Superintendent. When he isn't busy napping, you will find him keeping an eye on our fleet of historic trams, greeting visitors to the depot and, of course, posing for photographs. Birney even has his own book, which is available for purchase at our gift shop.

Vintage Talking Tram Tour Timetables:
Timetables are on display at each of the tram stops and you will be provided with a timetable when purchasing your tram ticket. Click on the service links below to download the appropriate timetable.

Daily Timetable: Truncated Service red ttable
Daily Timetable

About Bendigo Tramways

Bendigo 3550
Bendigo Tramways Victoria
You’ll be in awe as you are guided through the 1903 Depot & Workshop, dwarfed by the many heritage trams which live there, each with their own story to tell. From trams that have been used for housing and have carried royalty, to trams that have survived two world wars, you will discover the colourful history of our iconic tram fleet. Become immersed in the craftsmanship of each tram as you see first-hand the techniques that are involved in restoring heritage trams to their former glory. You will be astounded to see how each tram is meticulously restored by hand.
Features: Central Deborah Gold Mine Charter Gift Shop Joss House Temple Talking Tram Tours Trams Workshop